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” A hero, is one who wants to be himself.”

Graphic Design Books

The Spanish philosopher, Ortega y Gasset, once said “A hero is one who wants to be himself.”

Yesterday, I was checking in with my favorite marketing blog, The Social Media Examiner and wound up reading articles from the recent Facebook Marketing Summit (which I wasn’t able to attend). One of the key features of the summit was suppose to be Guy Kawasaki an Apple evangelist and former employee/coworker of Steve Jobs talking about internet and Facebook marketing. Guy was informed just 10 minutes before air time that his friend and former boss Steve Jobs had passed away. Naturally, Guy wasn’t able to talk about Facebook marketing, so instead he talked about his time at Apple and about Steve.

One of the things he said was that Steve was very affected by the design of Paul Rand. I thought wow! me too… I love Paul Rand. I went over to my bookcase and pulled down one of my favorite books. I haven’t spent time with this book in a few years. I forgot how much I love it, and how much I have learned from both Paul and the author of the book Steven Heller. I also have many of his books on my shelves.

Graphic Design Books


I particularly like these lines from the introduction of the book by George Lois… “Among the greatest heroes of my life, I include, devoutly, a handful of art directors, “During my learning years, the heroes I held in the highest esteem were those who wanted to be nothing but themselves – designers like Cassandre and Bill Golden and Herb Lubalin and Lou Dorfsman, and Bob Gage were to me the great pioneers and innovators of our beloved craft.” “They were gutsy enough to break tradition and independent enough to to be themselves. These are the forefathers of our craft. At the very pinnacle of these is Paul Rand, cantankerous, irascible, loving—bristling with talent, brimming over with taste, and endowed with invincible personal conviction—the original badass Paul Rand showed the way.

“For those of us who knew how to see, his mind and instinct he created an absolutely supreme standard for the rest of our lives”.

He could have been talking about Steve Jobs, all these same things could be easily be adapted to what is said about Steve Jobs. He to changed lives and design forever. Writing this post has been a both sad and inspiring. A wonderful journey that started at my dusty bookcase and led me down Memory Lane, ahhh…those college years.  Back then we had to be “assigned” the task of reading and writing about important designers and how they shaped our industry. And sad of course because they have all passed away.

Right now, I’m wishing I could stay parked at my bookcase, here on Memory Lane.  If anyone reads this post, please take a minute to look through the links. I tried to include the visual links instead of biographical (my first choice) so you could get a quick glance at all the familiar designs created by this group. It’s phenomenal and not surprising that Steve jobs like myself and so many others were, and still are inspired.


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